Why Customer Service Is Important

Generally when we get a “thank you” email from a customer they have already received their Folbot. Surprisingly, we received an email earlier this week from someone who just wanted to explain why he had ordered his Cooper (which isn’t even in production yet!) I appreciate Ralph W. of Oceanside, California letting me share his thoughts.


I wanted to take a moment and tell you how excited I am about my purchase and why I ordered a Folbot Cooper within the last few days.

After researching folding kayaks on the internet and reading opinions, test, and reviews, including spending a significant amount of time on the Folbot Forum, it is clear to me of several things.

1.  You are committed to continuous improvement of your product, where it makes sense, improves the quality of your product, and not is not cost prohibitive.

2.  Your commitment to customer service after the sale.

3.  And last, but not least, is the incredible customer loyalty displayed by your customers in the forum.  They are a very knowledgeable and helpful group of people that frankly do a very good job of helping to sell your product.

I’ve spent over 30 years in manufacturing and have learned to appreciate companies who improve their product over time based on customer feedback.  Folbot is most certainly an excellent example of a company committed to their customers.

Thank you and I look forward to receiving my order.

Ralph, thank you… we really appreciate it. And we look forward to hearing from you once you get your Cooper.

David A.

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