Folbot Celebrity Twitter Contest

There are lots of Folboters, people interested in Folbot and people who need to learn about Folbot on Twitter.


We occasionally conduct contests there to help get people thinking about Folbot. This past week people competed to win a Folbot T-Shirt.


The contest theme was: what celebrity who would look best in a Folbot and why.

We had three winners:

1. Jackie Siddall (known on Twitter as @jackiesiddal) for thinking outside the box: “Honestly, what celeb *WOULDN’T* look good in a Folbot?”

Gold Star

2. James Schipper (known on Twitter as @NomadRip) for the top celebrity tie-in: “I’ve gotta go with Daniel Craig because Folbot’s are so James Bond-ish.”

Daniel Craig - James Bond

3. Thomas Jones (known on Twitter as @FreeWine) got the biggest laugh with: “Jake Gyllenhaal – because no one is exactly sure how to pronounce his name either.”

Jake Gyllenhaal

Anyone have any better ideas?

Follow me on Twitter and join in the fun.


David A.


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