On Twitter, as in life, you meet some pretty interesting people. One such fellow is Sean Smith of Sydney, Australia – also known as FatPaddler (or in Twitter-speak, @FatPaddler). He even has his own logo…

FatPaddler logo

t-shirts and and other paraphernalia with a great slogan…

Fatpaddler t

and, of course, a website.

FatPaddler web

But what makes Sean really interesting is that he has a quest.

In his own words, Sean is:

[A] big man with a paddle, on a journey  to prepare for the Hawkesbury Classic (a 111km [69 miles] marathon paddle held in the dark on the Hawkesbury River,  NSW).

The road to this point has been long and dramatic. Sports injuries and two major vehicle accidents have left the Fat Paddler with an impressive list of reasons not to participate in an active lifestyle, with previous injuries including; nasal fractures (x14!) , femur fracture, femoral head fracture, rib fractures, multiple pelvis fractures, sacrum fractures, hand & finger fractures, ankle fracture, toe fractures and many more too numerous to list.

As with any good quest, Sean’s goal of completing the Hawkesbury Classic is a noble one. But it gets better,  he is doing it not only to achieve a personal objective, but to also raise money to fight cancer (you, too,  can support his efforts). Truly a noble quest.

Sean was recently in the U.S. on business and decided to mix it with pleasure. To help, he acquired a red Folbot Cooper — which was soon named “Tabasco.”  Not surprisingly, Sean didn’t settle for paddling just anywhere, he took Tabasco to Alaska for her maiden voyage.


You can read about his adventures on his website and see more beautiful photos in the Paddler Experiences section of the  Folbot website.

I’m glad to have met FatPaddler and wish him all the best in his quest and adventures.  We’re glad that Folbot is a small part of it.

FatPaddler Folbot

Good on Ya, mate.

David A.


4 thoughts on “FatPaddler

  1. Gday Dave! Thanks for the post mate, it’s an absolute pleasure having Folbot be a part of my adventures. The Aussie Customs officers today at the airport had a great time making me unpack the Cooper and show them that it is indeed a kayak and not a bag of guns as it appeared on their xray machine! We all had a good laugh about it, even though they thought I was mad to paddle Alaska. 😉

    Happy paddles mate – Fat Paddler

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