140 Characters

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I was interviewed by someone in Brisbane, Australia (known as @ireckon on Twitter) using a new technology called  “Tweeterview.”


What happens during a Tweeterview is that an interview is conducted on the Tweeterview website and the questions and answers are simultaneously sent out on Twitter. The catch is that, since they are going out on Twitter, all the questions and answers have to be limited to 140 characters! Tweeterview then consolidates it all  and presents it in a more traditional Q & A form on their website. You can see the whole interview here.

Any interview is at least somewhat stressful, as you want to make sure your answers are thoughtful, engaging and making the point you want to make in a timely manner. Throw in the 140 character limit and it makes it all that much more challenging. It was a bit like playing a game of soccer or basketball with chains around your ankles.

The genesis of the interview itself is also interesting, in that it came about as a result of Jackie Siddall’s blog posting about her experience with Folbot when buying her Cooper.  Jackie’s blog prompted me to write a posting on The Front, which @ireckon saw — triggering the Tweeterview.  Now the Tweeterview has resulted in a blog posting by @ireckon (which is a pretty cool take on the interview).


All of this is enough to make your head spin. But it is fascinating at the speed in which it all occurs, what can be communicated and how. Wow.

Now try saying all of that in just 140 characters.

David A.


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