From The Inbox

It’s always fun to read email from Folbot paddlers.

emailiconI recently got a great one from from Joel W., who as you can tell is in the Army.

We actually had a chance to take [our Greenland II] out on Chesapeake Bay, VA on Sunday and loved it! We had a blast and did not die either! I bought it to sail and it was our first time out. An Army guy has no business trying to sail though. LOL I plan to take it out in the bay here in Hampton Roads, VA more and over to VA Beach also. It seemed to handle some pretty large swells and waves on the bay. I was not sure the out riggers would take that kind of stress, but they held up fine…

Anyway, like I said we had a blast and did not die! Anytime a customer does not die is probably a good thing in your book, yes?

… All in all, David, you and your team make a great product. I would recommend it to my friends in a second. The best thing of all is that it fits in my Toyota Prius with ease!

Toyota Prius

A 17″ kayak with a sail rig inside a Prius. Love it.

Score one for Army. Any Navy sailors or Marines want to comment?

David A.

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