Twitter Strikes Again

At the beginning of the current Cooper sale (20% off until the end of the month!), I was in touch with a Twitter pal named @kayakgal. @kayakgal, or Lisa as she is sometimes known, had been thinking about getting a Folbot for a while. When the sale was announced, she struck… ” One Cooper please, in purple.”

purple cooper

Along with the order came a request — would I please send her some photos as the kayak (now named “Prince” — purple Cooper… get it?) was being made. Soon the Twitter world was seeing shots ranging from:

Cutting Hypalon For The Hull

Cutting Hypalon for the Hull


Sewing The Deck

Sewing the Deck


Finishing The Skin

Finishing the Skin


Checking Out the Frame

Checking Out the Frame

Finally, as part of our weekly Quality Control Meeting, we assembled the entire kayak and everyone wished Prince and @kayakgal many happy adventures together.

Hi @kayakgal From The Whole Crew!

Hi @kayakgal from the Whole Crew!

And shortly thereafter, Lisa tweeted her own photo:

Kayakgal Thank You

It’s our pleasure,@kayakgal. Happy paddling.

David A.


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