Protecting The Water

Clean water… sounds like an excellent good idea. Not only does it make paddling Folbots more pleasurable, it pretty much makes everything better.

I had a chance to meet the Charleston Waterkeeper last week. It was pretty cool.


Cyrus Buffum is a passionate guy. He started the Charleston branch of the Waterkeeper Alliance about a year ago, becoming one of the close to 200 members around the world. Tasked with preserving and protecting the integrity of Charleston’s waterways against pollution and contamination, the Charleston Waterkeeper has a big vision and goal. Working to encourage citizens to “take pride, take responsibility and to take action,” Charleston Waterkeeper strives to empower the public while protecting its rights to clean water.

You can learn more about the Charleston Waterkeeper, the Waterkeeper Alliance and see Cyrus in action in this video:

Folbot is proud to support the Charleston Waterkeeper in its quest to protect our home waters.

David A.


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