Wonders of Charleston

Charleston, SC is known for more than just being Folbot’s home.

Rife with incredible antebellum homes and spectacular architecture (Pat Conroy in his new novel, South of Broad, described the city as “the mansion on the sea”),

East Battery

and steeped in history, the city is a wonderful place to wander and wonder (The New York Times recently described Charleston as having “charm-smothered streets”).

Water also plays a huge role here — the harbor is home to one of the busiest ports in the world, the marshes and creeks are beautiful, it is teeming with wildlife — from pelicans to dolphins — and is home to Fort Sumter, where the American Civil War began.

fort sumter

The newest wonder of Charleston is the incredible bridge spanning the Cooper River:

Cooper River Bridge

Not only can you drive over it, but you can bike, walk and run all the way across. And, of course, paddling a Folbot underneath is an amazing experience.

So come and visit us at Folbot. After you have taken a paddle you can eat at some of the incredible restaurants (Charleston is home some of the best food in the US), stroll the streets, walk the bridge, visit a plantation, go to the beach, take a ghost tour (lots of ghosts here too!), and enjoy some southern good ‘ol southern hospitality (did I mention that Charleston is perennially voted the most mannerly city in the US?). The list goes on…

David A.


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