Meet Jack… ‘O Lantern, That Is

One of my favorite things to do at Halloween (besides the Folbot sale, of course) is to carve up some pumpkins and turn them into Jack ‘O Lanterns. Each year I have my kids create their own design and then the fun begins.

It’s a process which starts here to pick the perfect pumpkin:

Pumpkin patch

Waiting for the Great Pumpkin

Then you have clean out the pumpkin:

Pumpkin guts

Pumpkin guts

Executing the designs takes great skill:

Pumpkin carving

Ow! My nose!

And then you get a really scary, or pretty, Jack ‘O Lantern:

Pumpkin scary


A star!

A star!

Then it gets dark and…

Pumpkin really scary


I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween.

David A.


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