“17 Foot Kayak, Mini Cooper, No Roofrack”— The Play

A couple of months ago I wrote about how every Folbot model can fit inside a Mini Cooper.  And just last week I wrote about Folbots fitting into car trunks, past and present. Today those two postings collide in a very dramatic encounter!

Just yesterday I received some photos from a couple, the Watkins-Mahers, who live in our home of Charleston, SC.  They paddle a Greenland II and drive a Mini Cooper.

Here’s how I envision their day going. (Cue music)

The setting: The ACE Basin in South Carolina, just south of Charleston… it is late afternoon.

The scene: The Watkins-Mahers have come ashore after a great paddle and picnic lunch.

The plot: A bystander is watching the Watkins-Mahers unload their GII and prepare to go home.

The dialog: The bystander is talking to him/herself.

“Wow… it really looks like they had a great time out on the water.”

“What a beautiful 17” kayak. I sure wish I had a Folbot.”

Great paddle. Let's head home.

“How on earth are they going to get that big kayak home in that tiny car? They don’t even have a roof rack!”

“What! It fits in those little bags? And they fit in the trunk? No way.”

“Holy cow!! They do!”

“What freedom! What flexibility! What a kayak!!”

Please email me to discuss movie, TV or dramatic rights.

Just another day in the life of a Folbot.

David A.


3 thoughts on ““17 Foot Kayak, Mini Cooper, No Roofrack”— The Play

  1. I always feel sad for the poor folks that have never seen or heard of Folbots. At the beach, a couple walks past as I pull the “suitcase” for the Cooper out of my car. They come out of the dressing room and I’m carrying a Cooper. They exclaim, “Where the heck did that come from?”
    I point to the bag! Ya gotta love Folbots!

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