Folbot Welcomes A New Family Member

Happy 2010!

This is Folbot’s 77th year in business — and we sure look good for our age. We’re really excited about what the new year has in store.

As a great way to kick things off, we’re delighted to announce that there is a new member of the Folbot Family — Speedmatrix Pte Ltd in Singapore. Speedmatrix is a really cool company that has been focusing on selling folding bikes, but has now expanded their motto to read, “Fun on WHEELS & WATER for everyone.”

Speedmatrix will be selling Folbots throughout Southeast Asia — specifically Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

You can reach them at:

Speedmatrix Pte Ltd
40 Hillview Terrace
Singapore S669266
Tel/Fax: +65 63105647


Please join us in welcoming Speedmatrix to the Folbot Family and wishing them a huge success in getting even more Folbots on the water in this fantastic part of the world.

David A.

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