And Away They Go

A few days ago I wrote about the people from 189 countries and territories who visited the Folbot website during 2009.

This morning, as I was walking through the Folbot plant, I took this photo of the shipping line.

This is not only where all the parts and pieces of an order come together, it is also where the effect of all those website visits is most tangible — with the cartons ready to take the just-made kayaks around the world to their new owners.

Walking down that line and reading the shipping addresses is always a pleasure. And it sure makes it easy to imagine the adventures that are going to unfold for those Folbots.

David A.


One thought on “And Away They Go

  1. David, you folks at Folbot should sleep very well knowing that you bring so much pleasure to so many people around the world. The first time one seats themselves into a floating Folbot, all the troubles of the week vanish! Then they bask in the comfort and relaxation of paddling their, quiet, SOF craft.

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