The disaster in Haiti resulting from the huge earthquake has affected so many people in so many ways. The scope of the tragedy is almost beyond comprehension.

Photo by Reuters

During the first few days of the aftermath of the earthquake, while as overwhelmed and horrified at what had happened as we could be from our distant perch in Charleston, we realized that Folbot had a personal connection. One of our customers — a charming and nice guy — had ordered a Folbot Greenland II which was ready to ship the day the earthquake struck.  We tried to reach him, but no luck.  Days passed and no word. More time passed and more worried we became. Every time I walked by our shipping door it was hard not to think of the massive human suffering going on and whether the member of the Folbot family was safe or not.

Fortunately, a few days later we finally got an email letting us know he was safe, but there was much to do to help Haiti get back on its feet — would we please hold on to his kayak until a better time. We celebrated and the relief was tangible.

There are incredible efforts being made to help those in Haiti. Please do what you can do to help.

I look forward to the day that we can ship that Greenland II.

David A.


One thought on “Haiti

  1. Thanks for this, David. It’s important to remember that the people of Haiti will still need help even as the headlines inevitably move to other things.

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