How Much Is That Kayak In The Window?

Our new dealer in the Middle East has been busy. With a territory covering eight different countries, Enact Ltd., is working hard creating key partnerships.

We recently received some photos taken in Doha, Qatar…at Go Sport in the Villagio Mall.

Notice anything in the window?

How about now?

What a great looking store. Makes me want to buy some Folbots.

If you are in Doha, please go check it out.

David A.

4 thoughts on “How Much Is That Kayak In The Window?

  1. heya! it’s rather random that i stumbled upon “from the front” this morning but i’ve enjoyed reading and learning about folbots! anyway, just wanted to say that i live in the middle east (bahrain & dubai) and i wanted to let you know that i distinctly remember seeing this display in go sport’s windows šŸ™‚ kinda made me want to learn how to kayak, too! cheers!

    • Hi Nancy,

      Please find Folbot at the following locations in the Middle East:

      United Arab Emirates
      Al Masaood Marine
      Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi
      Yas Island Marina, Abu Dhabi
      Behind Times Square, Dubai

      Go Sport, Villagio Mall, Doha

      Please let us know if you have any questions.


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