Exciting Folbot News

Despite being in the public eye for 77 years, Folbots still get excited when they get to take a star turn in the spotlight.

There are some really exciting things coming up for Folbot. Just this week a Citibot was filmed as part of an upcoming TV show. And yesterday we were told that Folbot —  and how we make our folding kayaks — was selected to be featured on another well known television show.

On top of that we were also told yesterday that the Citibot will be in one of the world’s top travel magazines in May. This will be following on the heels of the Greenland II’s April appearance in one of the very best outdoor magazines in the world — where a  top writer used our kayak in a very cool race.

But in this world of media appearances nothing is a done deal until it actually happens. So as not to jinx us, I will not reveal where the Folbots will be starring until it is all set and locked into place.

Stay tuned…

David A.

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