Reason #387 To Get A Folbot

This incident recently appeared in the Police Blotter in local Charleston newspaper, The Post and Courier.

Kayak collision probed by police

Charleston police on Jan. 19 took a report concerning a “hit-and-run” collision between a car and a kayak. A 59-year-old man told police he was driving on the James Island expressway when a kayak blew off the top of a another car in traffic and landed on his vehicle.

The driver reported he was about two car lengths behind the other car when the kayak took flight. The complainant gave police the license tag number for the car, which was last seen taking the Harbor View Road exit, the report says. The car and driver were not located.

If they had a Folbot folding kayak, this never would have happened.

Look Ma, two kayaks... no rack!

Carrying your kayak in your trunk is not only safer, but also increases your gas mileage by about 5%. The environment and the drivers around you thank you.

David A.


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