Oh Canada!

While Folbots are not heavily used in the Winter Olympics (although Joe Jacobi, the Executive Director of USA Canoe/Kayak suggested on Twitter that it would be good to use them in a halfpipe event — you can follow Joe at @JoeJacobi), we all had such a good time watching that we wanted to express our thanks to Vancouver and Canada for being such fantastic hosts.

As a dual citizen of both the US and Canada, I had lots of rooting interests (how ’bout that hockey game?). But in the end, as usually happens, we were all winners — with the world coming together to celebrate our common interests rather than fighting about our differences.

Thanks for the fun and the memories Vancouver.

David A.


2 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. Great thoughts, Dave. These Games represented everything we want to believe about the Games – amazing human performance, sportsmanship, risk, fair-play and inclusion to name a few. I’m sure we’ll come up with a few more breakfast in Madison!!

  2. My Sentiments Exactly!

    I, too, have roots in Canada, so the Olympics were a nightly tradition at our home. My mother was from Newfoundland and my father was from Louisiana, though his heart always seemed to be planted farther North. I was amazed that I remembered each and every word to the Canadian National Anthem, even though I’ve not heard them since I was a child. Some things you just never forget!

    I don’t guess I need to say that Facebook was flaming with comments back and forth over that hockey game, but as I told my fun-living (to say the least) relatives, “I win no matter who wins!”

    The only thing better would have been to be present in person with my Folbot there with me!

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