On The Road… Part Two

As I recently wrote about Folbot heading to Canoecopia for next week’s paddlesports show, I thought I would share what it takes to move all those folding kayaks, racks and other goodies.

Those 24 cartons collectively weigh almost 1000 lbs!

Our friends at Hook USA were so impressed with what it takes to get everything  to the show, they wrote about it on their blog. While they did not jump at the chance of accompanying us to Madison, Wisconsin in March, they were kind enough to offer their services if we ever go to a kayak show in the Bahamas. Thanks, guys.

We hope you come visit us at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison — March 12th – 14th. It should be a great show.

David A.

One thought on “On The Road… Part Two

  1. I hope the weather is such that atttendence is huge and you folks take a boat load of orders! Maybe you can even sell the demos so you don’t have to drag them home. Best of fun and profit! Pete

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