Canoecopia — The Trip In Pictures

Rather than regale you with a detailed travelogue of Folbot’s fantastic trip to Canoecopia, I thought I would tell the tale in photos.

This way to Canoecopia.

Traveling required some specialized luggage.

It was going to be a BIG show.

All our materials were waiting for us...

So we hoisted the Folbot flag and got to work.

Set up took a while...

But things started coming together quickly...

And turned into a pretty sharp display.

During the set up I even got interviewed on camera by, the website for the state newspaper of Wisconsin.

The morning of the show, we had breakfast with Joe Jacobi -- Executive Director of USA Canoe/Kayak, and an Olympic gold medalist.

After breakfast we were so excited we got there a tad early.

They let the public in and it started to get busy...

Then it got REALLY busy.

The Folbot booth was rockin'.

The Citibot assembly video was very popular.

By the end of the day, EVERYONE was really tired.

Some of the other exhibitors were really interesting. I'll let you figure this one out yourself.

Lots of interesting folks dropped by to check out Folbot.

Finally, after three days, it came time to break things down...

The Folbot crew was working hard reboxing everything

The Folbot crewed worked hard and fast...

Finally, everything was back on the pallet.

The Folbot Crew -- me, John and Bill -- were tired, but happy

Bye Canoecopia, see you next year!

Although exhausting, Canoecopia was also exhilarating. We met an incredible number of wonderful people and added quite a few to the Folbot family.

I want to specifically thank John Burch, a Folbot customer, who not only urged us to attend Canoecopia, but came up from Chicago and worked with us to help share the wonders of Folbot with the world. We really appreciate all his help, knowledge and hard work.

One other exciting thing that happened during the show was that I spent a lot of time on the phone with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal talking about Folbot and social media — check out the results of those conversations in today’s Wall Street Journal!

Look for us back in Madison next year. What a great time!

David A.

5 thoughts on “Canoecopia — The Trip In Pictures

  1. Glad you had a swell experience up there. Must have driven the canoe guys nuts when you packed everything up on ONE pallet and hit the road.

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