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Tuesday was a pretty exciting day at Folbot. We were featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal regarding the effectiveness of social media (Twitter, Facebook and such) in a business context.

Click the photo to see the text of the article

It was great to be identified as a successful user of this form of communication and we were thrilled with the half a page of exposure in a major “old media” outlet.  We were also really delighted with the photo of Jackie Siddall, a Cooper owner in Toronto, and her getting such star exposure (you may remember Jackie from her now famous blog posting, “How Twitter Made Me Buy A Boat“).

So how does a manufacturer of folding kayaks in Charleston, SC get such treatment? Well, it takes a lot of effort to get the attention of a reporter.

We work with a wonderful public relations firm in Charleston — Touchpoint Communications.

They in turn work with a great organization called the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, which is tasked to attract business to the Charleston area.

Part of the CRDA’s strategy of showing what a great place Charleston is to live and work in is to is help shine the  spotlight on companies already doing business here.

They in turn work with Development Counsellors International, whose specialty is marketing places — they work with states, regions, and cities to attract visitors and investment.

So all those groups working together managed to get the attention of Sarah Needleman, the writer for the Wall Street Journal. Simple, huh? You’d think just making really cool folding kayaks would be enough.

The WSJ article also shows the power of the traditional media. Once the article was published (both in the paper and on their website) Folbot’s website activity significantly jumped, I received tons of emails and tweets about the article (you can follow me at @DAvRutick, and Folbot at @Folbot), people joined the Folbot Facebook page and others got in touch with Jackie via Twitter (@JackieSiddall) about her Cooper, and a number of other blogs discussed the article. It’s pretty cool that an article in a newspaper about using social media can drive such activity in the “new world.”

And around it goes.

Stay tuned… our next big media hit is coming soon. It’s a good one.

David A.

4 thoughts on “Inside Edition

  1. So what you’re saying is it’s a lot of hard work to get this lucky, huh?

    Congratulations! And thanks for the post.

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