Folbot Is Inside Outside

Following hot on the heels of Folbot’s appearance in the Wall Street Journal, the Greenland II is taking a star turn in the Adventure Issue of  Outside Magazine.

Last year we lent a Greenland II to Outside so that one of their top writers, Wells Tower, could participate in the Vogalonga — an amazing mass race in Venice, Italy. The result is a huge, very funny article about Wells  and his brother’s experiences in Venice, the race, with each other and the GII.

Well’s description of the Greenland II is worth sharing:

I’ve brought along a brand-new, deluxe, rudder-and-spray-skirt-equipped, collapsible two-man kayak called the Greenland II, a loaner wrangled from Folbot, of Charleston, South Carolina. My enthusiasm for this product is total and tedious and sort of creepy. I have panted about the boat to everyone in my acquaintance. I have brought its spec sheet to dinner parties. For weeks, I’ve been unpacking the craft to pet its rudder and heft its featherweight ribs while making covetous, Gollumish gurglings in the back of my throat. It’s 17 feet long and a scant 62 pounds yet is reportedly untippably stable, with a 600-pound payload, and fits, paddles and all, into a pair of extremely stylish, rubberized canvas bags, checked through to Venice at no additional fees… It’s an astounding boat. State-of-the-art. People paddle the Arctic in these things.

There is plenty more ink spent on the GII in the article, but I’ll let you read the whole thing yourself. It’s worth it.

Hmmm… where will Folbot appear next?

David A.


3 thoughts on “Folbot Is Inside Outside

  1. Just caught the article this morning…really funny story and the Greenland performed well. Even with the 240 pounder up front.


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