NYC Is Folbot Country

It makes perfect sense that large urban areas, like New York City, are ideal markets for a folding kayak. Space is at a premium — you either have to rent an expensive spot in a boathouse to store your kayak or live in a building that might be named after you — and transportation is a challenge. But, letting people know that the Folbot option exists is harder than you’d think.

The Citibot (pronounced “City Boat”) was designed with urban paddlers in mind (although any Folbot model can do the trick). It’s so light and small that you can store it in a closet, toss it over your shoulder and walk to the subway, or throw it in the trunk of a taxi. Need a kayak in the city? Problem solved.

Photo Courtesy DiNanno Photography

The catch, however, is making sure all those urban paddlers know that the solution to their paddling problems exists. So, along with Folbot getting in publications from Vanity Fair to Outside Magazine, and using social media (be our friend on Facebook or follow Folbot or me on Twitter) and the Internet, we’ve decided to take things up another notch. We’re coming to you. First stop… New York City.

Cooper in the Hudson River

As a start, we’ve donated a Citibot to the Long Island City Community Boathouse. If you want to see one in person, give them a call or let us know and we can help set it up. We’re also looking for other worthy boathouses — in NY or other major cities — so please pass on any good leads. Additionally, we’re sponsoring Erik Baard — a leader in the non-profit and kayak community in New York, who is spearheading the charge to make waterway use more accessible in New York. Erik will be paddling  a bright orange Yukon on various missions in the New York waterways and writing about them for some New York based publications. He’s also happy to have anyone come visit the Yukon (let us know and we can help arrange it).

On April 23rd and 24th we’ll be at the EarthFair with a Citibot– out on Vanderbilt Avenue right by Grand Central Station. That should be a rockin’ event. Please come visit us and see the coolest little folding kayak on the planet.

Finally, we’re also planning some major activity in the big city for June. It’s going to be fun. So stay tuned!

David A.


2 thoughts on “NYC Is Folbot Country

  1. Adding to your endeavor to publicize paddling in and around NYC you might wish to add that, only for folding kayak people of course, one could (still can ?) take the train out of NYC north to Lake Champlain, (Ticonderoga station), walk perhaps 250 ft to the shore/launching ramp at Ticonderoga and go paddling north on the “Big Water” or south into the narrow river-like area section and go home by train from Whitehall, NY. We launched at Ti some yrs back and remarked on the train station (about the size of a shoebox), the parking lot, the launching ramp and the lake all so convenient ! I passed the info on to aquaintances in the NYC clubs and never heard any more about it. Easy enough to check on train connections I would think. C. P.S. anyone wishing local info can e-m me.

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