ECCKF — In Pictures

Here’s the story of our few days at the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival… in pictures.

We first had to pull together everything we would need.

Then we loaded up the trailers to get the whole fleet to the show.

Which left our showroom bare.

We worked hard to get everything set up.

And the site came together nicely under the Folbot banner.

It was a big show, with kayaks of all shapes and sizes.

The mornings were calm and quiet before the crowds showed up.

But even before the Festival officially opened we had customers.

I still had time to check out the Folbot Zone from the water.

We made sure everyone was properly welcomed.

The days ended peacefully.

And the fleet was ready to sleep.

But during the day everyone had a great time on the water.

Finally, after three days we had to get ready to leave.

The kayaks were loaded back on the trailers.

Everything was packed up.

The kayaks were taken home and given a good cleaning.

Thanks for a great few days ECCKF. See you next year!

And remember, the Festival sale doesn’t end until next Monday!

David A.


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