Folbot Takes A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

This past Friday and Saturday, Folbot participated in EarthFair, as part of the Earth Day celebrations in New York City.

It was quite a couple of days! Along with some other very cool companies and non-profits, we were set up on East 43rd Street by Madison Avenue  — with the spectacular Grand Central Station and Chrysler Building as a backdrop. About 50,000 people attended and we had a great time adding to the Folbot family.

Here’s the story in pictures.

Citibot getting ready to ride the train into Manhattan

Where is that train?

Citibot rides the rails in comfort

Last stop... Grand Central Station

We started putting the Folbot booth together

And it ended up looking pretty good

We had a great location on E. 43rd Street by Madison Avenue

With Grand Central Station behind us the other way

The Folbot banner challenged the Chrysler Building for skyline dominance

Day 1 was super busy with a mix of business people and tourists

People big and small loved us

So did a bobcat

As did a cow? A cat?

Even a baby T-rex ran up to check out the Citibot

As the first day ended the moon came out.

Day 2 was more casual but got just as busy

The Folbot crew met lots of people and worked hard

And then it was time to go home

Thanks to everyone who came by. It was great meeting you.

And a special thanks to Erik, Ellie, Livie, Brad, Sharon, Alice and Julian for all their help.

What a fantastic way to celebrate Earth Day.

David A.

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