Ashley River

Charleston is a wonderful paddling environment. We have the Atlantic Ocean, the harbor, marshes, black water creeks, old rice plantations, rivers… you name it. Pop a Folbot in your car trunk and in minutes you can be in any of these great locales ready to paddle.

The Ashley River is a perfect example. From its headwaters in the  Wassamassaw and Cypress swamps, it travels 30 miles into Charleston Harbor, where  it joins with the Cooper River to create the mighty Atlantic Ocean — turning from freshwater to salt.

Yukon on the Ashley

As you head to the ocean you will pass some of the most spectacular plantations in the world. First you will come to Middleton Place, a National Historic Landmark:

Then you will pass Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, with the oldest gardens in the United States (over 325 years old!):

Finally, you will come to Drayton Hall, one of the crown jewels in the National Trust for Historic Preservation crown:

Ultimately you will go by Charleston (and Folbot HQ) into the harbor, past Fort Sumter

and into the Atlantic.

Nice paddle.

David A.


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