A Drop In The Bucket

The environmental disaster caused by the BP oil “leak” in the Gulf of Mexico is truly horrifying. The magnitude is enormous, as seen in this photo taken from space:

Photo by NASA/AP

Close up, the effects are even more sobering.

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

While the oil continues to gush at an extraordinary rate, there is a sense of helplessness as one fix after another fails. And even when the well is finally capped, the effects of the oil will be felt for a long time.

Despite the enormity of the event, it’s still a bit distant from Folbot HQ in Charleston (although everyone is worrying about the environmental consequences and the oil making it to our beaches and waters). Then early this week Folbot was contacted by a biologist who was about to go to the Gulf of Mexico to help in the tracking of the oil and the assessment of the effects. He was looking for a kayak which could “travel quietly through the shallow water marshes and spot, photograph, map and report oil covered birds and sea life and bring this information back… for remedial action.” It was our pleasure and honor to donate a Folbot to that effort.

While it is just a tiny contribution to the overall battle, we are proud that a Folbot Yukon will be in action helping combat the oil spill.

Let’s hope the well is reined in quickly and that the oil and its effects can be contained.

David A.


One thought on “A Drop In The Bucket

  1. Our life, in Louisiana, will never be the same as we have known it. It’s so frustrating and heartbreaking to see scenes of the distressed wildlife every day, and I’m sure it will only get worse.

    It makes me proud, too, to know that a Folbot will be used in this effort. Thanks Folbot—for all you do!

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