The Seven Settlements Expedition is Underway!!

For a while now I have been blogging, tweeting and Facebook-ing about TSS2010 — The Seven Settlements Expedition in Greenland.

TSS2010 is a solo 450 km journey being made by Chris Paton — in a Folbot Kodiak — in the Uummannaq fjord area of North West Greenland (pop. 2784), 650 km north of the Arctic Circle. It’s starting at the town of Uummannaq (pop. 1200) and Chris will travel to each of the seven Inuit settlements (pop. app. 50-500) before returning to Uummannaq. And for those of you who prefer your distances in miles, that’s a 280 mile paddle being made 400 miles ABOVE the Arctic Circle!

The Kodiak that Chris is paddling is no different from one anyone can purchase from Folbot — apart from a little extra deck rigging. You can see it being made here.

Chris is confident that the Kodiak will get him where he is heading — despite icebergs, whales (if you haven’t seen these videos of Chris paddling with a humpback whale among the ice, you have to check them out! And there are more on YouTube.), tankers, freighters and whatever the frigid Arctic throws at him.

We are excited that TSS2010 has launched and will be updating Chris’ adventures both here and on the Folbot website.

Please join us in wishing Chris great success and safe passage.

David A.


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