Folbot’s Greenland Expedition

So what’s it like to undertake a solo kayak expedition in a Folbot 400 miles above the Arctic Circle? Well, Chris Paton, the intrepid paddler of The Seven Settlements Expedition (TSS2010), sponsored by Folbot, is providing the answer.

Chris in Ukkusissat

TSS2010 is a solo 450 km journey being made in a Folbot Kodiak in the Uummannaq fjord area of North West Greenland (pop. 2784), 650 km north of the Arctic Circle. It started at the town of Uummannaq (pop. 1200) and Chris is traveling to each of seven Inuit settlements (pop. app. 50-500) before returning to Uummannaq. And for those of you who prefer your distances in miles, that’s a 280 mile paddle being made 400 miles ABOVE the Arctic Circle!

As he makes his way through the frigid Greenland waters in his Kodiak, Chris has been sending messages to his friend Lars in Denmark who has been updating us and the TSS2010 website.

For example…

On his way to Saattut he told me about an iceberg the size of a village, that suddenly broke into 3 small village size icebergs and had send a big wave towards the kayak. He turned the kayak around it in time and was able to take it head on.

Safe in Saattut

Yow. Definitely not your average paddle.

Check out the TSS2010 site for more adventures, trials, tribulations and triumphs. And I’ll be doing some updates here.

David A.

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