City of Water Day

This past weekend the Folbot crew had the pleasure of attending City of Water Day in New York City. The event took place on Governors Island in New York Harbor– which is an idyllic setting just a short ferry ride from lower Manhattan.

Rather than write a lot about the weekend, I thought I would let the photos do most of the talking…

On the road to NYC. The Shenandoah Valley was really pretty.

Waiting for the Governors Island Ferry.

On the ferry. Three kayaks and a load of gear.

Nice view from the ferry.

The Folbot area came together pretty nicely.

Despite the super hot weather, we were pretty busy.

An orange Yukon stopped by for a visit.

All too quickly it was over and we packed everything back up.

The view from the ferry as we head back to Manhattan.

We left the MetroBoat to play in its native habitat.

MetroBoat at home.

It was a great trip!

David A.

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