The MTA MetroBoat Getting Dressed

Every week at the Folbot QC meeting we take a look at a kayak that is on that week’s production list. Yesterday we checked out a new MTA MetroBoat.

(And you can look at this posting out to see the MetroBoat in action.)

David A.

Getting ready to go... a peek at the cool deck.

Laying out the frame parts prior to assembly.

Assembly starting with the longerons attaching to the keel.

The frame comes together quickly... starting to look like a kayak.

The sponsons are applied directly to the frame -- unique to the Citibot/MetroBoat among Folbots.

The frame slides easily into the skin... first real view of the MetroBoat deck!

The tensioning device expands the frame to fit the skin.

The completed assembly... the MetroBoat, as viewed from the Bronx.

The MTA MetroBoat's very cool deck from the downtown Manhattan perspective.

Logos in the East River.


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