Yes We Have No Bananas

When walking through the Folbot plant, sometimes you come across an interesting sight. Last week it was the innards of the RF welding machine, today it was this:

Who knows what they are and what they are doing? Hint… they are not giant bananas.

David A.


4 thoughts on “Yes We Have No Bananas

  1. My guess was bladders as well…they could be sponson bladders…but a bladder is a bladder to me. It would work well in the front or back of my cooper too.

  2. PeteS is pretty much the winner. The photo is of the uncovered pontoons used in outriggers for the sail rig and the Fish ‘n Photo package. They are inflated and left to rest to make sure that all the seals (made on the RF welding machine) are airtight. They, do however, at that angle look very much like giant bananas.

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