Testing, Testing

Folbot has a reputation for building  long-lasting and rugged kayaks. And with our lifetime warranty, it’s a good thing that they live up to that reputation. We make sure every part is built to last.

With the recent introduction of the MTA MetroBoat, we introduced a kayak that looks like no other:

The key to the MetroBoat is the very cool printing process used to create the image. The process converts the ink into a gas and infuses it into the actual fibers of the deck fabric — placing the image into the deck, not on it.

Since this had never been done for a kayak, we wanted to make sure that the image would hold up under the stress of the great outdoors. So, we took some samples of a printed MetroBoat deck and staked them out on a dock in the searing South Carolina summer weather without any shelter or breaks for over a month. Check it out — they came through with flying colors (pun intended):

Stay tuned to learn what else we can do with this cool technology.

David A.


4 thoughts on “Testing, Testing

  1. Amazing! We were wondering how that was accomplished. Glad to hear that it stood up to the “sun test”. Congratulations on your innovation!


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