Monday, Monday… So Good To Me

While humming this tune from the Mamas & the Papas,

I was contemplating what to write about today.

Should this posting be about some dazzling Folbot information… a customer’s paddling adventures… a dramatic world event, or even dinosaurs???

A visitor to the Folbot booth during Earth Fair in NYC last April (with a nod to @MKCallConsult )

But then, as I did my morning walk-through of the Folbot plant, I decided I would share a simple, handmade sign that has greeted everyone working here since 2001:

We appreciate you too.

David A.


One thought on “Monday, Monday… So Good To Me

  1. Really enjoyed the “nod” mention on the dinosaur photo. Thanks for the Monday smile. Sometimes heartfelt handmade signs say it all as your sign does. PS- Mommas and Poppas good but must admit to an occasional Abba relapse as well.

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