What Did You Do Today?

You can’t say that working at Folbot is ever boring.

Today had been a pretty quiet day with Tropical Storm Nicole heading to the Charleston area. Low pressure,  lots of rain and a very gray light combined to create that feeling of calmness that is often a prelude to a big storm.

Then the giant tractor-trailer arrived at our front door.  The driver walked in and said, “I’ve got 2000 pounds of aluminum tubing… where do you want it?” Well normally this wouldn’t be a problem. We get lots of deliveries like that. But today the truck arrived at a time when only Wanda and I were at the plant.

Usually the aluminum tubing arrives in boxes like this… and they are over 12 feet long:

While weighty and formidable, three people working together can pretty easily slide the boxes off the truck and on to a cart (unfortunately we do not have a piece of equipment that can handle thousands of pounds of 12 foot long tubing). But today, for some reason the shipment came in just two boxes that weighed over 1000 pounds each!

So what to do? Well, we ended up opening up the cartons (“tons” being the operative part of the word) and unloaded the entire load by hand — a few rods at a time! Fortunately, the truck driver helped out some — but Wanda and I shouldered the brunt of the load.

Oh, did I mention the pouring rain? This is what aircraft-grade aluminum tubing looks like after being caught in a downpour.

The good news is that we got the entire shipment unloaded, the trucker got to keep on trucking, we now won’t run out of crossframe material and I got to share the story with all of you.

I hope you enjoyed it. I’m going home to have a hot bath.

David A.


2 thoughts on “What Did You Do Today?

  1. I used to work at a fitness equipment company. 4500lbs of weight plates showing up at the store on a truck that doesn’t even have a liftgate is not fun.

    That took a loooong time to unload. Thanks for bringing up that long-buried memory 😀

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