Escort Service

No, this is not a post about Eliot Spitzer.

Much more positively, Folbot is happy to announce its sponsorship of world-class endurance swimmer Mallory Mead.

Mallory, who has already conquered such challenges as the English Channel and the Catalina Channel, is preparing to take on the Ocean’s Seven — Marathon Swimming’s version of the Seven Summits. In addition to the Catalina Channel and the English Channel, the Ocean’s Seven includes the Molokai Channel in Hawaii, the Tsugaru Channel in Japan, the Straits of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco, the Cook Strait in New Zealand, and the Irish Channel in Ireland. To date no one in the world has ever completed all seven swims. (Check out this recent Wall Street Journal article about marathon swimming and the Ocean’s Seven — in which Mallory appears.)

And what better kayak to act as her escort and companion around the world? A Folbot Citibot, of course. And not only a Citibot, but a pretty cool looking one at that:


Mallory has already named the Citibot “Alcyone” (also sometimes written “Halcyon”) after the Goddess of the Sea, the Moon, Calm, and Tranquility. How appropriate.

Please join us in wishing Mallory the greatest success in her quest.

David A.



2 thoughts on “Escort Service

  1. I don’t know how all y’all got that gig but it is a beauty! Congratulations and I hope she makes it okay. The Citibot really is cool.

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