Robin Hood?

Every once in a while we receive a phone call or email about  an assembly problem regarding a new customer’s Folbot kayak. The communication goes something like this: “I assembled the kayak (love it!!), but had two pieces left over. What are they and did I do something wrong?”

The mysterious items look just like this:

We calmly assure the customer that they did a brilliant job in assembling the kayaks and tell them that those pieces are simply covers we create to go over the metal keel ends of the large cockpit kayaks, so that they are protected in transit. When the kayak is assembled, they are naturally left over.

Over the years, we have had many suggestions  as to what those pieces can be used for (apart from their intended use). But hand’s down, the most popular idea is to wear them as “Robin Hood” hats.

Thanks to Rudy Matthaei and his sons for so vividly demonstrating that use!

The good news is that the Matthaeis look just as sharp without the hats in their new Greenland II.

How do you use those pieces?

David A.


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