Road Trip

Looking ahead to next month’s Canoecopia, Bill and I have decided to drive to Wisconsin rather than fly this year.  Using our trip to New York for the City of Water Day as a model, we realized that we can haul all our own gear (hey! they are Folbots — we can carry them inside the vehicle), see the country and avoid the pleasures of air travel — all while saving thousands of dollars.

Our route will look something like this:

We’ll get to cross the Smokey Mountains, cruise by Asheville, Knoxville, Louisville and a whole bunch of other ‘villes… we’ll add a few miles but bypass Chicago and its potential for bad traffic… we’ll see the seasons change back from spring to winter… and we’ll eat a whole bunch of interesting road food. Each way will be about 1100 miles.

We’ll tweet pictures and share the sights we see. (And, of course, report from Canoecopia as well.)

We hope to see you at Canoecopia, but if you can’t make it to Madison give us a wave as we drive on by.

David A.

5 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. If you can let us know about a great event that attracts lots of prospective Folboters, we’ll do our best to get there. Of course, it’s hard to beat the attraction of Wisconsin in March.

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  3. I see by your route that your passing thru Ill, Make sure you get a hold of your Cousins in Genoa-Kingston area.

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