Canoecopia 2011 — The Story Behind The Show

Like last year, I thought I would let photos and captions tell the story of our trip to Canoecopia 2011. Rather than fly and meet our kayaks in Madison, Wisconsin, Bill and I decided to drive from Charleston and carry everything with us.

Day One


The journey began with the dismantling of the Folbot showroom. Would it all fit in the Suburban?

Amazing -- fully loaded with 9 kayaks, racks, signage and other display material. And there was room to spare.

Wow... it all did fit in the Suburban.

Day 2.

We hit the road.

We were soon were heading out of the Lowcountry.

We had a great lunch in Asheville, NC.

So far, so good... but that cloud looks a little ominous.

In the Great Smokey Mountains, the weather turned.

In Tennessee and Kentucky we encountered heavy wet snow mixed with driving rain.

The traffic in Louisville was a delight.

After swinging by Indianapolis, we made a run across Indiana and well into Illinois before calling it a day under the cloak of darkness.

Day 3.

Show day!

We must have covered a lot of ground, because we woke up in Peru. Oh... Peru, Illinois.

So this is what we missed while we were driving in the dark.

We arrived in Madison, WI about 8:00 in the morning and 2 months earlier than the weather in Charleston.

Joined by John Burch (known as Flatwater on the Folbot Forum), we dove right into getting the Folbot booth set up.

Assembly of the kayaks got attention, even from the other show exhibitors.

Soon everything was in place and we waited for the doors to open to the Canoecopia crowds.

And here they come. Photo by Rutabaga.

It was easy to spot the Folbot flags in the Canoecopia skyline.

Day 4.

The show continues.

Saturday began with a great breakfast (most important meal of the day!)...

Followed by a swing by the state capitol, where 100,000 protestors would be making their voices heard later in the day...

Unless they were ice-fishing...

Or at Canoecopia.

Day 5.

Last Day of Canoecopia.

With the time change, the show started slowly on Sunday morning.

But things like this caught the show-goers eyes and kept us busy talking about Folbots.

Then it came time to take things apart and pack everything up.

It's amazing how quickly you can pack up 9 Folbots!

One to go!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Canoecopia.

We were tired, but ready to hit the road. David, Bill and John...

Day 6.

Last day!

After driving late into the night on Sunday, we woke near Indianapolis and headed towards Kentucky.

Oh great, more rain. Kentucky... Seattle with horses.

As we entered Tennessee, it got a little cloudy.

The Great Smokey Mountains were a lot prettier this time around.

And then we were home.

What a trip.

Thanks to everyone at Canoecopia for putting on a great show. HUGE thanks to John Burch for his invaluable help and for sharing his knowledge and experience with us and all the visitors to the Folbot booth.

We’ll see you next year Canoecopia. I just hope the weather is better on the drive. And today it’s going to be 72 degrees in Charleston.

David A.


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