Quality Control and the World

Every week one of the kayaks being made at Folbot is randomly selected to be assembled as part of our quality control efforts. As the Twitters followers of Folbot (@Folbot) or me (@DAvRutick) know, we document the assemblies with photos and share them right after each meeting on Twitter. Some photos also get posted on Folbot’s Facebook page.

For those of you who have not yet followed or “liked” us (please do!), I thought I’d share the most recent batch here on the Front.

Last Friday we assembled a MetroBoat.  Here goes (complete with the Twitter messages, so you know it’ll be short)…

Folbot MetroBoat looks little like a kayak before the assembly. This is what it looks like out of the backpack.

The Folbot MetroBoat skin could be used as a handy reference for the NYC subways, but maybe it's not so handy...

Once the parts & pieces of the Folbot MetroBoat kayak have been laid out, the assembly of the kayak can begin.

Color coding making properly attaching the longerons of the Folbot MetroBoat kayak to the keel easy to do.

Identifying of the Folbot MetroBoat kayak longerons goes where is easy to do with the simple color coding.

Adding the crossframes to the Folbot MetroBoat kayak's longerons starts to give the kayak frame its shape.

Once all the crossframes are added to the Folbot MetroBoat kayak's frame, it really does look like a kayak.

The tensioning device will expand the Folbot MetroBoat's frame to fit the kayak's skin, once the frame is inserted.

Unlike with other Folbots, the MetroBoat's sponsons are added directly to frame of the kayak.

Once the frame assembly of the Folbot MetroBoat is complete, it slides easily into the kayak's skin.

With the Folbot MetroBoat's frame in the kayak's skin, the tensioning device is used to expand it to fit the skin.

Once assembled, the Folbot MetroBoat is one of the coolest looking kayaks on the planet!

Folbot and the NY MTA, a cool combination... and a great kayak!

The Folbot MetroBoat and the crew who made her. Cool kayak!

So give us a follow and see the weekly QC assembly. It’s almost as good as being here.

David A.

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