Turning The Tables

The balance of trade between the United States and China just got a little better from the US perspective.

We recently announced that Folbot now has its first ever dealer in China.  About a week ago in Zhuhai, they held the first ever Folbot group paddle  — which got lots of media attention and generated tremendous interest.

Getting the fleet ready to go.

In fact, the event was so successful that they immediately sold out their entire initial order! The kayaks got outstanding reviews and we are looking forward to sending more Folbots their way.

The Cooper is looking good in its new home.

So if you are in China, please make sure you get in touch with:

DL Kayaker
2-2-2 No.34 Wenxuan Street
Shahekou Dist. Dalian CHINA
Telephone: 13804263737
Website: www.dlkayaker.com

Email: Xuhongyang@vip.sina.com

Taking a breather in a beautiful spot.

我们祝你幸福得多划桨。 (I hope I got that right!)

David A.

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