More From China

Following on the great news about the success of Folbot’s new dealer in China, we received more photos from them about their initial Folbot experience.

This is my favorite.

Those Coopers look great from any angle!

While the translation may be tough, they also put together a whole website about the assembly of the kayaks and taking them paddling. There are tons of photos.

For bonus points, can you identify what they did wrong during the assembly?


David A.

3 thoughts on “More From China

  1. Hi David
    I’ve been following the blog for some time now, and wonder if you maybe should write more about whats new With the kayaks? (excuse me if just i’ve not paid attention).
    I mean, i just visited the website, and saw that you sell a seat i did not know about.
    Would love to read more about things like that!

  2. Selboskar,

    I certainly try to pass along anything new and interesting we are doing at Folbot — with the kayaks, the company, the people. Specific product announcements are also made in the newsletter (you can sign up for that here As far as the seats, they were actually introduced well over 2 years ago!

    Thanks for reading the Front — I appreciate your thoughts.

    David A.

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