Greenest New Yorker

We are delighted to congratulate Erik Baard on being named the “Greenest New Yorker” by I Love New York — New York’s state tourism promotion agency (who gave us the memorable I♥NY slogan).

Check out the official press release and learn all about what this designation means and how Erik earned it.

The reason we’re celebrating Erik being honored is that he has some very close ties to Folbot. Not only does Erik paddle an orange Yukon intrepidly through the waters around New York City and elsewhere…

…he is the person responsible for Folbot creating the MetroBoat — which has the NYC subway map embedded in its deck (it doesn’t get much more New York-y than that!).

Erik works hard to get people paddling in the New York area (he is the founder of the Long Island City Community Boathouse, which brings free kayaking to New Yorkers — and also houses a Citibot) and is a great proponent of the virtues of folding kayaks in urban areas.

Whether circumnavigating the island of Manhattan or taking a group down the Bronx River during the day…

or around New York at night…

…Erik is a great evangelist for Folbot, paddling, the environment and all that is good with the world.

Way to go, Erik!

David A.


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