Guest Blogger — Paddling in New York City

Meet David Goodsmith. Not only is he an experienced paddler of the New York City waterways, he is now acting as a rep for Folbot in the NYC area. He’s been paddling up a storm, so we asked him to join us as a guest blogger and share some of his experiences. Here’s what he has to say.


“Can we ask you a question?  How’d you get that boat down there?”

The couple at Brooklyn Bridge Park shouted down to me as I was about to launch my cherry red Citibot into the East River on a sunny, sparkling Sunday morning.

Turns out, they’ve lived in Brooklyn Heights overlooking the water for the past few decades and never once imagined just how easy it can be to get into the water.

I’ve been paddling the urban waterways of New York City (primarily the Hudson, the East River and the beautiful Gowanus) for some time now and the Citibot is approaching the ideal setup.  No car or storage space needed.

I bungy the folded up boat (fits into a large ruck sack) to a luggage cart, walk to the Brooklyn Bridge Park or take the 61 bus to Red Hook, and I’m in the water.  The best part about the Citibot for New York’s strong currents is the ability to exit at a different launch than where I entered.  I actually take the cart with me on the boat.  My last trip I entered at Brooklyn Bridge after high tide and rode the ebb south, past the docked Queen Mary II and past Governor’s Island, exited at Red Hook, folded up the boat and bused home.

I’ve checked the tide charts, in a few minutes, I’ll take the boat on the F train from Brooklyn to the West Village, have a cappuccino in an outdoor cafe as I get mentally prepared, and get in the water at Houston Street.  The currents will take me all the way down to the southern tip of Manhattan, over to Governor’s Island, and back to Red Hook where I’ll exit.

If you love the water and you live in New York City, its pretty nice having a Folbot in your closet.  For NYC paddling or Folbot questions please be in touch:


4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger — Paddling in New York City

  1. Hi David,

    Congratulations as the new Folbot Rep for NY! I too boat in the city waterways, although my city is far smaller than yours. I live in Portland Oregon, and I do the same thing as you. I pack my citibot onto public transportation, or just walk, and put the Citibot in at different locales depending on what I want to see that day. Keep up the good work and the paddling!

  2. Hi Jeff. Thanks for saying hello! What do you do for wheels? I’m currently using like a $35 luggage cart but feel like there might be a more elegant method…

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