Customer Comments

With a great product like Folbot, it’s always fun to hear from our customers.

Here’re a few comments we received this week.

The design of the [Cooper] is impressive, as is the quality of the construction, and the value is tremendous.

Gregory M., Manchester Center, VT

I live in a 600 square foot apartment along the river so the Citibot is perfect. I keep it assembled in my living room to save time if I’m going frequently and my cat sleeps in it! This allows me to get from inside my apartment and into the water in less than 10 minutes.

Terrence W., Pittsburgh, PA

I am more than happy with the Cooper. It is a superbly designed and built kayak. Congratulations to you and your company for making a great quality product at a very reasonable cost. Well done.

Swamiji D., New York

I have two very serious complaints about the Kiawah. 1) I need to quit my job to have more time to paddle… 2) I need two…

Sue B, Ontario, Canada
Please let us know what you think about your Folbot.
David A.

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