An Announcement from the “New Guys”

As the “New Guys” at the helm of the company, we are pleased to announce a “New Era” at Folbot.  We are committed to improving the products and services that current Folbot owners are accustomed to and we are dedicated to expanding our brand and amazing product line to future Folbot family members.

So…in the spirit of improving everyone’s Folbot experience, we are doing away with special pricing promotions.  Instead, we are lowering the everyday price on five of our most popular Folbot models (Citibot, Kiawah, Cooper, Edisto and Greenland II) by 10% to 20%.  We have also introduced a new hull material available on all of our boats that performs better and is more durable than our traditional Hypalon hull.  Even better, the hull comes standard, with no additional cost to you!

Want to try a Folbot?  Take advantage of our 30-Day Money-back Guarantee and as always, all of our Folbots come with a Lifetime Warranty.  We’re excited to be on board; please stay tuned for more great updates!

Happy Paddling,

Bill, Eric and Scott

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