Wanted: Folbot Ambassadors!

We started hand-crafting boats in 1933 and since then, we have developed a loyal “Folbot Following”.  Many of our fans are generational Folbot owners, folks that remember putting together one of our kits with their parents or grandparents and now own one of our newer models.  Others are still eyeing their first Folbot purchase.  

Regardless of whether you are a current owner or a prospective owner of Folbot, if you love our products we want your help to get the word out to others about our company.

Please send us pictures/videos/stories of your Folbot in action so that we can share them with others OR if you don’t have a Folbot send us pics/videos/stories about why you want one! If we use your content we will send you a Dry Bag and Folbot T-shirt for FREE! 

PLEASE EMAIL US AT AMBASSADOR@FOLBOT.COM with your content as well as your name and address so we can send you gear if your content is selected. 

Here is a picture of the Dry Bag and T-Shirt!  Good luck!


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