Enjoying a New Citibot in Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Priscilla Spickler, winner of Paddling.net’s July sweepstakes took her winnings out on the water in Lake Pleasant, Arizona. Along with a Folbot Citibot kayak, her prizes included a Sawyer paddle, Java PFD, and Sea to Summit phone case. Here are some photos from her outing along with reviews on her newly acquired gear. 




“Love [the Citibot] because it is so light, I can carry it with one hand…in love with the Sawyer Paddle. It is feathered and one piece and has a beautiful Hawaiian flower print on the blades. I am a HAPPY KAYAKER.”


So glad to hear that you are enjoying your new Citibot kayak as well as your other new gear, Priscilla! Happy Kayaking!


One thought on “Enjoying a New Citibot in Lake Pleasant, Arizona

  1. I didn’t win but am happy to see that somebody is enjoying their citibot! I bought a used purple one last year and am very happy with mine! I would consider getting a larger one down the road! Hey I even found a purple PFD and they look awesome on the river , especially when my 2 dogs are in it, with their green PFD’s on!

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