East Coast Paddlesports & Outdoor Festival 2013



Despite blustery, chilly days and a few threatening clouds, the James Island County Park was bustling with men, women, children and four legged friends this past weekend at the East Coast Paddlesports & Outdoor Festival. Paddlers of all experience levels and ages took advantage of product demonstrations, a variety of classes and the opportunity to speak with kayaking legends.


Amongst the well-known kayakers present was Dubside, a world-class paddler who’s known as an expert roller and preserver of Greenland paddling and kayak rolling traditions. Always dressed head to toe in black, Dubside is able to perform a plethora of kayak rolls– some of which are extremely difficult and require extreme strength. Who better to teach paddlers of all ages and experience levels how to “roll with it” than Dubside? In addition to demonstrating various kayak rolling techniques, Dubside hosted several other seminars at the festival, including a how-to session on folding kayak assembly including Folbot’s Citibot model.


During the weekend’s festivities, several longtime Folbot fans shared their own personal stories and Folbot adventures with us. One of our favorite anecdotes was told to us by a man who decided to become an engineer because of what he read about Folbot in Popular Science as a teenager. Another shared his story of visiting our Charleston headquarters as a teenager, meeting Folbot’s founder, Jack Kissner, and purchasing his first Folbot at the age of 15 (when we still used wood in our designs).


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