Gear We Love: McNett Seam Grip

We received an email this week from a Folboter in Christchurch, New Zealand that started like this, “Today was a bad day for our Folbots.”  Unfortunately their Folbot Yukons flew off the top of their car while traveling to the paddling site.  Thankfully, no one was hurt and the Folbots sustained very little damage.  But their outer deck fabric was torn in a few places.  The fix? McNett Seam Grip.

Green Yukon Needing Repair Red Yukon Needing Repair

Seam Grip is amazing. It permanently seals seams on much more than your Folbot (use it on your tent, pack and rainwear). It can repair rips, tears and holes in your gear, too.  Ideal for on uncoated and polyurethane coated fabrics and very flexible – it’s the perfect fix for Folbot decks.

With the Seam Grip and some scrap deck fabric you can patch large abrasions like the ones shown above.  Seam Grip by itself is enough to take care of smaller scratches and tears. We recommend it to all Folbot owners and recommend using it on the sew lines of your Folbot if you plan on rolling or submerging the gunwales often to keep you nice and dry.

Let us know creative ways you have used Seam Grip to keep you on the water.


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