Techie Tuesday: Online Kayak Selector


We created a new online Kayak Selector tool. Why? Because Folbot offers 10 styles of foldable kayaks. We’ve got a kayak for every size, and all your recreational, touring and expedition needs. And we build each kayak to order. When you buy a Folbot, it’s a one-of-a-kind, made just for you.

Because of that, we don’t keep much inventory (hence the demo sale!). And we’re located in Charleston, South Carolina. If you’re not a local, we want a way for you to get the right “fit”.

Behold our new online Kayak Selector. When you go to Folbot’s website, you answer 6 quick questions about you and how you want to use your new Folbot. Then you’ll get personal recommendations about the perfect Folbot style(s) for you!

And as always, we love to help! Email or call us to discuss how we can make you the next happy Folbot customer.


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